Hello and welcome to Sexy Cosplay Babes.  We source some of the most beautiful erotic cosplay content creators on twitter, tumblr, instagram and more, so that I can bring your beauty and your links to the world.  Selling something on your social media page?  I’ll only link to your official webpage… well, forever.  This is your creation, I just want to get you more followers and really put you out there!  The other reason is that I am a fetishist and I am archiving the net in my niche, until I’m gone.  When the net came about, I lost all of the erotic media I collected from 97 – 2003.  I won’t have that happen again.  I want people to remember you.  Us.  That’s the trade.  A link or shout out about this visual directory and my ethos would also be appreciated.  Everyone will know I’m gone when my work goes offline and the domains go 404.

We are also one of the first visual erotic cosplay directories out there.  I’ve been indexing erotic cosplay babes for a couple of years, all of my other main directories have a “Cosplay

 Library” for whatever that niche is about.  And with so many social media models coming and going, I just decided that I wanted to create an online database of erotic cosplay babes that have come and gone so that we can remember the contributions to the erotic cosplay community that you have helped build!  I also hand pick each and every content creator that goes on my network.  If you love the free traffic, please give Sexy Cosplay Babes props or I’ll eventually stop promoting you.

What do I get out of it?  I link back to my network, really, nothing other than that.  Social media sites cover the terms of fair use in the terms and conditions of these websites.  I’m not scraping your only fans, I’m not a thief.  We are operating out of good faith for responsible fair use practices, including giving original credit to the content and providing direct links to the owners of this content.

If you do not want your links here, however, simply fill out the form below.  Include the offending url as well your email address coming from the domain in question and you will be taken down promptly.

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